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What is

An Evolving Framework

ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance), is data focused on issues that are material to a company's operations. ESG data can be integrated into an organization's management approach and investment analysts' assessments.

Risk Management

At it's heart, ESG is a method of mitigating risk. It's often conflated with SRI and other impact-oriented objectives. But its primary purpose is to gauge the effect of ESG factors on a company -- and how the company is responding.

The Future

Consumers and C-Suite executives alike are increasingly interested in ESG. Investments continue to flow into funds and portfolios that use ESG as part of the research process. The adoption of ESG in the investing arena is only expected to accelerate.

Forest Lake
Understanding and communicating about ESG can be a challenge. Stay authentic and transparent, take the time to learn, and only market ESG if it’s a true part of your business.

ESG Forward's Credo

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