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CFA Institute: Future of Sustainability in Investment Management

There is no shortage of questions about how the investment management industry will continue to evolve its sustainable investing practices – and where sustainable investing will take the industry when there is greater universal alignment on standards.

The CFA Institute continues to bring best practices to light for charterholders, and this report on sustainable investing is an excellent foundational resource for those seeking guidance. The Report looks at the influences behind sustainable investing’s momentum; the drivers that are pushing the investment industry to adopt relevant investment models; the research, standards, and needs that enable the work; and actions necessary to move forward.

“In many ways, we are moving from sustainable investing as a good idea to a reality that has implications for all investment portfolios,” notes the report. “There is a growing recognition that some ESG factors are economically material, especially in the long term, and it is, therefore, important to integrate material ESG factors in investment decisions.” To dive deeper into the CFA Institute’s perspective and guidance, download the Future of Sustainability in Investment Management.

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