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ESG and Marketing in the News

It’s almost impossible not to see ESG in the news these days. But below, we’ve tried to cut through some of the noise and pull out the most influential, informative, and interesting articles in the ESG space.

We’re also including crucial marketing trends and topics that will hopefully help you and your company continue to cultivate and spread strong messaging and brand awareness.

Read, listen, enjoy, and share with your clients and colleagues.

Investment Management

Exclusive: BlackRock fast-tracks eviction of ESG violators from MSCI-linked ETFs

BlackRock Inc (BLK.N), the world’s biggest asset manager, has halved the time it takes for companies breaching certain environmental, social and governance-related standards to be removed from a number of its iShares exchange-traded funds.

Changes in how quickly MSCI scores trigger index removal were approved in December. Learn more about the policy change and its implications.

In Larry Fink's letter to investors, ESG is the business imperative that dare not speak its name

Don’t expect BlackRock to back off from ESG any time soon. Even if the acronym appears nowhere in chairman Larry Fink’s latest annual letter to investors.

How is Fink navigating the ESG turmoil? His latest letter is infused with ESG concepts, fiduciary duty, and proxy voting, but not the term itself. Read more about Fink’s latest note to investors.

Politics and Legislation

The Backlash Against ESG Faces Its Own Backlash

It appears that Ramaswamy’s anti-ESG message — which has been embraced by Republican politicians in dozens of states and is fueling a presidential bid by Ramaswamy — is having the exact opposite effect.

Rhetoric has its limits. Some anti-ESG language and proposed legislation are crumbling in the face of actual financial cost and analysis. Learn more about the controversial ESG bills and debates crisscrossing the country.

Kansas anti-ESG push slowed by debate over private investors

Republican lawmakers pushing to prevent Kansas from investing its funds using socially and environmentally conscious principles disagree about also imposing rules for investment managers handling private funds, complicating their efforts to thwart what they see as woke investing.

Unpack the anti-ESG legislation in Kansas, from the proposed legislative complexities to the people fighting for and against it. Get the latest updates on the debate.

Knowledge Building

Factbox: What's in the EU's green industrial plan?

The European Commission laid out its green industrial plan on Thursday, designed to ensure that Europe is a leading producer of clean technologies and not just a global frontrunner in cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

In a partial response to the IRA and continued development in China, the EU is taking steps to increase its cleantech capacity. The plan outlines measures to make green permitting simpler and increase manufacturing capacity and CO2 storage, among other objectives.


Conversational AI: What It Is and How To Use It ChatGPT is a conversational AI, and its celebrity comes at a time when many businesses are adopting similar time-saving tools into their marketing processes. This post will go over everything you need to know about conversational AI.

It’s not a question of “if,” but rather “how” developments in AI will impact your business. Learn more about the evolution of this tech and its potential impact on your company.

SERP Features and the Most Important to Leverage

Since 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else, marketers must ensure that prospects can find them conveniently — and Google has features to help you do that. In this post, we’ll discuss how SERP [Search Engine Results Page] features can help and the most important ones to leverage.

Your website is a critical tool for building brand awareness and cultivating a strong client base. Learn more about the features that will help you get found by your key audiences.

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