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Our Story

We believe that ESG is an important part of the investment research process. For financial advisors, the confusion that surrounds its application creates an opportunity to isolate what matters most – acting as a trusted partner to guide their clients to better outcomes.  


ESG Forward is designed to support and maintain that role. We know it can make a difference for financial advisors, and we’re excited to be part of the solution. 

Meet the Team

Meet the Advisors

  • What's our mission?
    ESG Forward empowers financial advisors with marketing content and education that supports their authentic integration of ESG research and sustainable investing.
  • What's our vision?
    Significant noise in the financial industry is clouding the true function of ESG and its related potential to drive capital into authentic sustainable investment strategies. We will clear the way for simple, informed marketing content that helps financial advisors better communicate about ESG with their clients and prospects.
  • What's our why?
    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data has been established as an evolutionary step towards better investing. It provides greater insight into investments by exploring factors that are not routinely exposed through traditional financial due diligence. ESG inputs include carbon emissions, water use, diversity, employee treatment, and dozens of other data points that create a fuller picture of how companies operate. Research analysts have an obligation to embrace data that is material to the companies they report on – ESG is no different. It is a set of information that broadens our ability to pinpoint the potential value of an investment. Known for its powerful contribution to the sustainable investing arena, ESG also creates a path for financial advisors to align their clients’ portfolios with their values. Client demand for this option is clear, with over $30 trillion of the world’s capital placed into ESG-related investments. With clients increasingly demanding ESG integration, financial advisors gain a true advantage when they understand how it works and can effectively communicate its importance. However, advisors often lack proper background and materials to understand and explain how and why they integrate ESG. We launched ESG Forward after years of hearing from financial advisors that they need a better way to generate content and conversation about ESG. The landscape is still evolving, debates on best practices muddy the waters, and keeping up with relevant content and education has been a source of frustration. Our goal is to help provide clarity and content, so that advisors who authentically incorporate ESG into their practices have a cost-effective resource they can rely on.
  • What's the relationship with Longview Strategies?
    ESG Forward is a subsidiary of Longview Strategies, a marketing and communications firm with specialized expertise in ESG and sustainable investing.
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